Achieve School of Education

Our Vision and Mission

"To create an environment that empowers students to be at their creative best; to pursue excellence in academics, self-expression and life skills."


Let me talk you through it:


Unlike any other school, children are welcomed and included in our school. We do give entrance tests for middle school and high school. They’ll learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of life at the school. 

We believe in a non-threatening environment that empowers students in


Developing their behavioural, emotional & social skills.

Reducing fears in human difference and accepting peers.

Creating academic, social & behavioural role models.

Growing confidence, ambition & potential.


Every child holds his or her greatness:


We empower kids to go after their dreams - giving them the confidence to do so. We encourage & believe in their greatness at every step of their education, nurturing and empowering them throughout.


“Achieve School of Education” is a studio School with a difference - we create free thinkers:


As a co-educational day school, teaching children from grade 1 to 10, we’ve implemented a truly revolutionary education style.


Because at ASE, every studio is unique…


Gone are the days when students would sit in the same classroom all day, all year, with teachers visiting to teach their subjects. 


Here’s how we’re revolutionising education to create a lifelong positive impact:


Optimised to educate - the seating, aesthetics & presentation of each classroom is based on the subject that will be taught in that particular studio.

Designed for success - our studios are designed & created after careful consultation with teachers, parents and other educational experts to enhance their effectiveness.

Fresh & inspiring - teachers own the studios & it’s the students who keep moving to different studios after every period of their classes. This ensures they’re refreshed & invigorated for every lesson.

A learning environment with a difference -  there’s a different ambience in our school, in fact a different world altogether for your child to learn!

No more than 34 - we don’t do crowded classrooms! With no more than 34 children per classroom, we ensure your child receives the attention they need to prosper.


Do you want your child to discover an education that positively develops them in every aspect of their life?


Apply below & begin your child’s journey to success today: