Admission Section

Admission in Achieve School is based on “First Come First Serve”.


There is no entrance exam for the students because the school firmly believes that any child can learn anything and more over the whole purpose of the school is lost if the school is conducting an entrance exam and is taking children only with the abilities predefined.


Technically trying to understand the concept the children who are able to clear the entrance exam and join the school they do not need much help from the school and the school believes in heterogeneous group where the class has all kinds of children few children are gifted, few are average, few are below the average and the gifted ones of the class are going to have a team work and help the average children to come up and bring a common standard in the academic development in the classroom.


By this the gifted children have challenges of teaching the other children and the other children will have an exposure to the peer group learning. With this belief system today we stick admissions only to 34 in each class and will not go beyond 34. We have a single section for each grade.


The most unique concept of our school is our own strength. Generally schools have many sections with huge strength where the identity of the child can be lost if not taken care which does not happen here which is our unique selling proposition of Achieve School of Education .


At this point of time our school has admissions for only these levels Pre 1,Pre 2, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 4, Grade 5 & Grade 7 the rest of the levels are not available for admissions, in any case kindly apply even if it is for a different level if there is a transfer initiated from the parent to shift the school due to personal reasons only then the admissions are available for these levels.

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