Belief System


Isn’t it boring to sit in a single classroom for the whole 8 periods?

You must have gone back to your school days…right?

Good. You are thinking!

Yes, it’s time to bring a change in this system.

Achieve school believes that every child is blessed with knowledge .Education system should ignite the  natural  curiosity so that a child finds answers in his environment and  learns in the most natural way which is comfortable for a child. In this process the student would have made an attempt  to learn more than the concepts  prescribed in the text books. This opens up a whole new world of learning with joy and not just for the sake of numbers . This quest for knowledge and understanding instils confidence. This gives way to application of knowledge, analysis , synthesis and finally evaluation of concepts learnt.

Parents and students loose their hope on education system because it does not empower them to face life’s challenges. Most students have low confidence level, bad team player, negative behaviour, dependent on other’s thinking.(lack originality)

 Most people feel it is difficult to get a job, later get a hike. Many people think that they learnt     most of the skills n gained knowledge in their first and second jobs. It is a general notion that schools and colleges did not help them completely.

Schools usually concentrate on gaining high scores . Bookish  knowledge is not enough in these days.

All parents wish if the schools guided students, the  art and skill to make a living for future.........

The activities designed in this school will be very close to future real life challenges. These challenges  push a student to evaluate themselves  and  eventually students realize their  strength and weakness. 

Achieve methodology will be a catalyst to mould students to acquire a strong personality, self reliance and making them a sterling citizen of India.

Your child irrespective of the issues, it may be behaviour ,academics or no issues, the teachers are trained here to deal with all sorts of children and push them to the next level/ higher level.

Students  in Achieve school of  Education  are taught to handle the problems/ situations rather than crying over spilt milk.Unlike other institutions, we do not have sections of classes like A, B, C and so on. Some schools even have the practice of having all the so called intelligent ones in Sec A , average ones in sec B and below average in sec C and what not..!Oh God! This is annoying.

Undoubtedly, You, Your children and We are all LEARNERS at ACHIEVE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.