Best School in Bangalore


Achieve School Of Education - Why is it the best school in Bangalore South?


  • It's based on the Studio School concept


To begin with, the concept of our school is very different from the traditional schools. Achieve School Of Education is a Studio School. The concept of a Studio school is to prepare children with all the practical skills that are required for them to sustain in a workplace environment once they graduate and begin their professional life. Meanwhile, a Studio School also imparts traditional academics to the students. Basically, we don't just teach children the subjects but we also teach them other crucial aspects of life, which is mostly missing in the current education system.

  • Students change classrooms every hour


We all remember spending one whole academic year in a single classroom until we moved to the next grade. The subject teachers came to our classroom to teach us, while we sat in the same old classroom every day. But, our school gives a new outlook on this! In our school, we don't have classes with grades like '5th' or '6th'. Instead, we have Studios for each subject, and these studios are just split into three groups, i.e., Primary, higher Primary and High school. By dedicating separate studios for each subject, we promote a contextual atmosphere for children when they learn a specific subject!


  • Subject Studios promote peer to peer learning!


As we already mentioned, the subject studios remain the same for Primary students, Higher Primary students, and the High school students. And students will have monthly projects to develop the subject studios with respect to what topic they study in that month. So, if the 4th-grade students develop the Math Studio based on Sets, even a 2nd-grade kid would be exposed to the concept of sets because he attends the same Math Studio for his math class! This way, subjects are not constrained to the textbooks or syllabus in our school. Learning is everywhere! And that is how peer to peer education happens!


  • The number of students in a class is less and static


All the grades in our school have 32 students each. We wouldn't admit even one student more than that. We have this fixed number of students rule for various reasons out of which one important reason is to maintain the Teacher to student ratioless. Ideally, the ratio must be 35:1 while most schools in India are way beyond the mark, which only means lesser focus on the individual student. By keeping it 32, we adhere to the ideal ratio!


  • We are an inclusive school


Yes, as an inclusive school we admit any student that would want a seat in our school as long as the slots are available. We clearly have ruled out the concept of entrance exams. We believe in inclusion, and we subscribe by the idea very strongly. We go by first come first serve basis, and nothing more than that to get a student admitted to our school. These are the key principals makes us the best school in Bangalore South!