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“We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize that we only have one.” Pavan is a “creative revolution" that the education world has witnessed !

​My second life started when i was 20 years of age , My journey starts from a corporate job in IBM to start our first dream venture called “Achieve Academy” an after school tutorial for 10th grade children of Karnataka in the year 2006. Achieve academy today has an alumni of 750 children + from various schools. Achieve Academy today has helped children discover themselves and has bought in a new confidence to children to explore and learn .We are proud to mention that we have moved out of rote methods of learning.

Proud to be one among the very few kinesthetic math teachers in INDIA. We use the most creative techniques to present mathematics , along with use of equipment, games, activities, group interactions , flashcards and technology to teach math. This results in children to explore the subject, eventually increase their grades too. While many children have the phobia of the very word math . We work with them to ensure that they love math after they interact with us.  We firmly believe ‘any child can learn any concept if they are in the right environment with a growth mindset’.    

Having soon understood that our methods and techniques presented a different world for children in education, our  observation was that we resulted in a huge increase in the learning curves of children and got them to increase 30% grades for children when the same was applied only for 2 hours a day. This understanding gave birth to ‘Achieve school of education’ and made me probably the youngest secretary of a school.

‘Achieve School Of Education’ was created and founded by me in the year 2011. This is India’s first and only studio school. ASOE offers a child- centric approach to education and is designed to make a difference in education by creating free thinkers. The 4-year-old school is an inclusive institution. ASOE hosts 450 children from the age of 2 years to grade 10. which is the maximum capacity of the school. Our teachers who follow our strategies have made learning fun, easy and enjoyable experience. Our children do not need any remedial sessions after school which is going to be their play time !   


We today have 400 plus parents who have attended my workshops and have found that by applying our strategies , their view and results have changed much better than before. Imagine if we could build and sustain a growth environment where your child will crave for more knowledge , the child will want to read more and try more, low scores, not being interested in class boring lessons will only be a thing in the past ! After addressing over 10000 students and working closely with respect to mathematics with 750 students plus , any child can learn math. Mathematical thinking is entirely different from methods and processes present in text books.


Best Educational Entrepreneur 2016

Youth Achievement award

Competent leader

Certified Handwriting Analyst- By handwriting institute of India

Recognition of creative efforts to primary education

Award for contribution towards inclusion