Creative School in Bangalore - Yes, that's us!

We have no qualms in taking pride about being one of the best creative schools that is there now in the country. Our entire approach towards education, and the way we promote holistic learning is what makes us stand different from the traditional schools. We focus on practical aspects of life than just swarm students with rote method of learning. We believe that real education is beyond just textbooks, and we ensure that our students get the real education.

When we say real education, we are talking more than just subjects, we are talking about encouraging passion, promoting art, talking philosophy, exploring humanity and being prepared for what lies ahead in the professional life. At our school, students receive all of these in right proportions!

We have taken our students to visit orphanages and old-age homes, and converse with people there. We have conducted puppet exhibitions wherein students have not just made puppets and dolls, but have also sold them on their own using the right marketing strategies. We have taught our students how to handle money, by letting them take turns and become the cashiers at our school canteen. We have allowed our students to paint the walls of the school. We have conducted street plays with our students. We have done a lot of off-beat stuff!

Creativity can never be taught in the confines of walls, and we have complete understanding of this. We have also conducted classes in parks! Our students get exposed to a plethora of latest developments in all the fields every now and then. Our school is the river bed for the eternal river that creativity is!