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It was aptly said by Benjamin Franklin “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. This is the guiding principal towards our interactive teaching and learning methodology. Thus this is a school which actively encourages the students to dream BIG and help them hone their critical thinking, innovative skills and self confidence, something that is not handled by other existing curriculum.


This is a new concept and approach to learning. We follow the state board syllabus planned by Karnataka State Board, and we plan the curriculum in such a way that it caters the need of the society and the learners. Hence we design the projects based on theme. Before they start their projects, they trail research through various reference materials like libraries, articles, journals, internet and through practical experiments where they sit with teachers and have discussions. Finally the team presents this in their respective studios. Hence a lot of practical learning happens and text books are used only as reference material.  This could be transformational for the young learners because research shows that a significant number of learners who learn in these methods grow intellectually.


  Equal importance is given to Non Scholastics activities such Sports, Drawing, Painting, Art & Craft, Music, Theatre, Storytelling, Grolier and Gigo. We also have Studio Visits and guest lectures by various resource persons. There is systematic assessment of skills such as teamwork and problem-solving as well as subject-specific knowledge. Recognizing the stark reality that education today is continuity and not a conclusion, we follow CCE system [continues comprehensive evaluation] and assess the learner throughout the year.


 The main objective of studio based learning is that, when a student graduates from school he/she should be capable of creating employment to hundreds and thousands of people. Having developed enterprising skills, they should be able to start their own business. The aim is to bridge the gap between what young people need to succeed in life and the skills and knowledge the current education system provides.

Creative ! Endorsing the products


In addition to a different type of thinking and opening a flood of creativity, art classes provide additional advantages for growing teens. There are numerous lessons that art classes provide to students.

At ASE students from grade 6 to 10 learn various art and craft skills like balloon mask with technical materials such as paper mask mount board etc., pop molding, carving, lamps shades with the help of mount board, basic human skeleton (craft), face painting, , terrace farming model making, mural painting on walls, origami, sand art, creative art using waste materials “ Best out of waste”.

Students develop the below cited skills through these art classes.

  • . Art projects require a certain amount of concentration to complete. Whether the project involves watercolors or paper, there are steps to follow. Each step requires teens to pay attention to what they are doing.

  • Attention to detail. Drawing skills especially can help teens see the smallest facets of something that they might not have otherwise. This type of attention to detail can spread to other subject areas and future work opportunities.

  • Improved hand eye coordination. Art projects involve hand eye coordination. Continually doing these types of projects, such as over the span of a semester, can lead to improved abilities.

  • . While it might seem slight, art classes boost a teen's creativity and ability to think outside of the box. In addition to helping with other projects for school, this skill is of top interest to those in the job market.

  • The ability to follow through. In addition to time and some grasp on the actual skill itself, art teaches the ability to follow something through to completion and to handle errors or problems as they arise. This lifelong skill can assist in just about every life area.

  • Problem solving skills. When something goes wrong with an art project, it must be handled in such a way as to not harm the rest of the project. These types of isolated problem solving skills are essential in the development of a teen's motor functions.

  • Social skills. Often, art projects involve working with others, whether it just be the teacher or the person sitting next to you. Social skills in a focused environment cannot be gained in other academic disciplines as easily.

A science lesson presentation



In High school English is taught as second language .Here students are expected to develop analytical skills. Classes generally revolve around reading novels, essays and other forms of literature, and require students to analyze, interpret and dissect written material in order to compare, contrast and discuss elements, like theme, characters and plot. Proficient writing skills are necessary at this point as these discussions of literature typically manifest in the form of an essay. High school English is a comprehensive study, combining the five skills of language arts in order to understand literature and its value.

English is also a crucial component of college preparation, getting students ready for the extensive research and analytical skills they will be expected to utilize throughout their college careers.




At ASE “Mathematics learning is imparted through activities from the very beginning of school education. Teaching and learning mathematics is a celebration as it is an activity based approach which makes the teaching and learning process fun filled and interesting. This approach helps the learner understand the concept and remember the content for a long time.

Here students not only use materials such as, models, charts, patterns, pictures, posters, games, puzzles, but also gained the practical experience by creating a market in the school premises and indulging themselves  in sales and purchase of vegetables.

Here teachers use technology and innovative practices in a rigorous curriculum to equip students for success in their studies. Students learn critical-thinking skills and explore the merits and limitations of technology in Mathematics.

 Team work makes dream work

Theatre in the High School


Theatre for senior grade is both an academic discipline and a performing art. A study of theatre motivates students to develop ideas, insights and values. The primary component of theatre– dialogue– provides a uniquely effective method for studying the communicative functions of human language. Theatre also provides a unique kind of learning through vicarious experience known as empathy. Empathy is one of the most effective modes of learning through discovery because it involves students in an exploration of the thoughts and feelings of other people. These creative experiences develop the ability to communicate through the art form. Communication raises self-expression in theatre to the level of an art.

It provide students with opportunities to practice the skills learned, both in the theatre arts classroom and in public performance.

Tomorrow's Leaders



        In 1948 as per the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi, Hindi was considered as National Language of our country. Every year on 14th September we celebrate HINDI DIVAS.  


      The specialty of this school is that the teachers can teach the students in their own perspective. We teachers not only just teach the subject but have some fun time with the students by interacting with them about the topic. We help them learn the topic by various means like video clips, debates, acting,  group discussion, Field trip, power point presentation etc.

          The students learn different concepts of hindi in the form of poems, lessons, dramas, or the biopics of great personalities. Teaching is not confined to a lesson but we introduce the students to the writer of the poem or lesson and the poets perspective on his or her work. We improve the writing & communicative skills of the students by motivating them to understand the topic & write answer in their own words.  After reading session of a lesson or poem, the students will themselves explain what they comprehend. Activities like drama, power point presentation, singing a poem, mind map makes Hindi learning very interesting. The students are even awarded marks for these activities individually and they also contribute points to their respective groups.   

Back to basics camp fun


Grolier is an activity based learning kit for students aged from 3 years to 15 years. It contains different levels depending on the age group. This activity helps students to improve their hand eye coordination.


  1. Fun thinkers: This set of Grolier cards for preschool kids. Here they need to identify colours, shapes, different kind of things like fruits, food and surrounding materials. It includes English language, mathematical concepts like counting numbers, grouping things and so on. With the help personal attention, kids solve these cards easily and interesting.

  2. Logico piccolo: These cards can be used for 8 to 12 year students. It contains mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with attractive pictures. It also includes English language, about family, town, at school with the help of different set of cards. The cards will be displayed through projectors on the white board. Students will be allowed to solve each card with limited time frame. Competitions are conducted for each class and winners are awarded certificates.

  3. Logico Piccolo series 2:  These sets of cards are framed for 12 to 15 years students. It contains all higher level mathematical concepts like fractions, decimals, angles, triangle classifications, quadrilaterals and different geometrical concepts. It also includes English grammar which helps them improve their language skills. Here for this level, each child is going to get different card on the basis of his IQ level and can be assessed easily. It improves the competitive spirit of students.



Mimio: A brand new interactive tool, a boon to educators and suitable for all kinds of assessment. In our school our Mimio class room includes two kinds of products from mimio  i.e mimio vote and mimio view which is being used extensively from the past 3 years.

Mimio vote

Mimio vote comprises of the voting pad which has some glowing buttons on it. The question which is projected on the board has choices, and the student chooses the right choice by pressing that particular button. A very smart technology which saves you time and effort.


MIMIO VIEW: is fully integrated with Mimio Studio software and the Mimio Teach system, making it easier than ever to capture images and present them in your lessons.

The advantages of mimio view are:  It can capture both dimensional objects and flat documents. Zoom in close on your subjects and capture images. The same images can be projected on the board and can be explained well. This can be well used for science experiments and dissections.

Fun begins with these interesting and attractive cards and never ends.

The best competition is against myself to become better



Sanskrit is one of the most important languages of the Indo-European family and has a very rich and continuous history of nearly five thousand years. As a result of the patient and laborious comparative study of the various languages like Sanskrit, Old Persian, Greek, Latin, German, and English in the beginning of the 19th century, it has been shown by scholars that all these can be traced back to a common source which is termed Proto-Indo-European


`The Sanskrit language, whatever be its antiquity is of a wonderful structure; more perfect than the Greek, more copious than the Latin and more exquisitely refined than either; yet bearing to both of them a stronger affinity, both in the roots of verbs and in the forms of grammar than could possibly have been produced by accident; so strong indeed that no philosopher could examine them all three without believing them to have sprung from some common source which, perhaps, no longer exists ;there is a similar reason, though not quite so forceful, for supposingthat both the Gothic and the Celtic, though blended with a different idiom, have the same origin with the Sanskrit; and the Old Persian might be added to the same family.


If I was asked what is the greatest treasure which India possesses and what is her greatest heritage, I would answer unhesitatingly that it is the Sanskrit language and literature and all that it contains. This is a magnificent inheritance, and so long as this endures and influences the life of our people, so long will the basic genius of India continue."

---  Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (Quoted from The Discovery of India)

 Advantage of Devanagari Script:


 The first point which gives Sanskrit an edge over many other languages is its script. Usually Sanskrit is written in Devanagari. A recent research by the scientists of National Brain Research Centre (NBRC) have discovered that reading Devanagari involves more areas of human brain than Roman Scripts (please note, English uses a roman script). That means learning Sanskrit is a good exercise for human brain.According to them, In Devanagari, consonants are written in a linear left-to-right order and vowel signs are positioned above, below or on either side of the consonants. As a result, the vowel precedes the consonant in writing certain words but follows it in speech making it a unique script. "Our results suggest bilateral activation-participation from both left and right hemispheres of the brain-for reading phrases in Devanagari"


The qualities of Sanskrit will become the qualities of your child- that is the mind and heart of your child will become beautiful, precise and reliable. Sanskrit automatically teaches your child and anybody else studying it to pay FINE attention due to its uncanny precision. When the precision is there the experience is, that it feels uplifting. It makes you happy. It is not difficult even for a beginner to experience this. All you have to do is fine-tune your attention and like music you are drawn in and uplifted. This precision of attention serves all subjects, areas and activities of life both while in school and for the rest of life


Practical Advantages: 

If someone does not know Sanskrit, he is obviously missing something. He cannot get the clear perspective of Vedas, Geeta, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Arthashashtra and many other books, which are till regarded as the finest piece by a large portion of our society (Translated versions almost always create a wall behind the reader and the original book).

Even to be a master of subjects like Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, Indian philosophy, Vedic Mathematics or Astrology, one need to know Sanskrit to some extent.

Sanskrit - the Best Language for Computer:

 Yes, one can be astonished, but this is probably true. In near future NASA is going to use Sanskrit as a computer Language. NASA scientist Rick Briggs discussed why Sanskrit is one of the best language for use in computer long ago (in 1985) in his paper Knowledge Representation in Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence. According to him, Sanskrit is the natural language in which a message can be sent by the computer in the least number   of words.

Social connect. A day with the seniors


To facilitating the learning of geography, history, politics and economics, the teachers helps students understand personal, national and international issues with the intent of producing competent and responsible global citizens.

Teaching social science revitalizes the learner to acquire knowledge and skills in an interactive environment, through creativity which enables students to draw relationships between past and present, to understand changes taking place in society. Teaching Social science by utilising greater resources of audio-visual, materials, including,  photographs, charts, models, maps and field trips. In order to make the process of learning participative the teacher shift from mere imparting of information to debate, and group discussion.

The assignments are based on current affairs. The students are also encouraged to do presentations on advertising, legends of world etc. This would help them know the geographical aspects of places, personalities who worked for the society and the functioning of market. Students are encouraged to prepare mind map which are displayed in the studio for better understanding.

 Nature is our teacher

Achieve school gives importance to sports as much as academics. Other than regular weekly physical education period,  students have two mass P.E periods on  Thursday  where the school hosts  inter house competition's like Throw ball , Kabaddi , Cricket , Volleyball , Dodge ball , Football , etc.  They also have individual events like Short put , High jump , Long jump , Disc throw , and  Track events . There is inter student competition in the school. Students  practice sports like Throw ball , Volley ball and Table Tennis after school hours for inter school events events organized by the government like taluk and cluster .

Every year school organises a sports camp in which students  are introduced to adventure sports  other than the above mentioned.


Students are finally are awarded and certified by the school individually for inter house events , individual events and group events . 

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