Achieve school  facilitates HOLISTIC education  through Enrichment activities.

We strive to create an environment that encourages students to pursue enrichment activities with excellence and determination, knowing that only through focus and hard work can true growth be gained.

These enrichment activities include Arts and  Science , Service and spirituality, Sports and adventure, Leadership , Technology to name a few.


We here in Achieve follow the  method of worksheets, we have substituted this with daily home work.We also use this as a tool for continuous evaluation.It is given once in a month. First sheet we try to keep it activity based,mind maps, pasting of pictures,puzzles,collecting information on particular topics etc.,The second sheet will be related to the text book.Teachers try to make it creative and attractive for children.

Annual Day

Annual Day!! Its a bash here at achieves on this funtastic eve.

We had split the day into two halves.Morning session was allotted for the tiny tots.It was wonderful treat to the eyes to see these young ones dance to the tunes of the music,so colourful and vibrant.

In the noon session we saw the whole school having a bash doing mimes,roleplays mythological acts dance etc., We see to it that no kid is left out and opportunities given to them to express and explore  their talents.

Toppers Trip

An oppturnity for the children to score well in the tests and exams. Here the children will be encouraged to score more marks. The scores of all the tests and exams will be taken into consideration and the highest marks obtained by the children will be taken to the trip for 1 day.

Field Trips

FIELD TRIPS also called Studio Visits are the salient features of our school curriculum.  It gives our students practical experiences away from their regular school/class-room environments.
The students of all levels are provided the opportunity for field-trips based on the topics in their syllabus.  These visits are a way to reinforce and expand on concepts taught in our class-room.  They are especially good for the kinesthetic students in the class.  
A Studio visit can awaken the desire in a student to try hand on new things and pursue new interests. During service-oriented visits, kids learn about community development and their role, though being 'LITTLE' .  It is also observed that students are learning  and performing better in academics with this practical approach of education.
The Studio visits are planned well ahead and skillfully organized by the respective subject teachers.  This is time consuming.  However, in many ways providing fun way to enhance and extend lessons beyond the 4 walls of the class-room.

Circle Time

Every person expects that he should be listened by someone with attention. Keeping this we have circle time in our school. 

Once in a week the class teacher conducts circle time in which students getample time to share their feelings, problems, and opinions with their class teacher. The teacher tries to develop a relationship with the students that their conversation will not go out of the circle. Students are emotionally satisfied with a good listener and break the monotonous curricular activities.Teacher can keep it versatile by conducting warm up exercise, activities depending upon her creativity.

Book Marks

Just seedlings need water, air and warmth to grow, a student needs guidance, motivation and appreciation. In our school book marks are used as token of appreciation. The children get a tap on the spot for their behavior or thoughts by issuing a book mark which makes him/her feel proud. Every teacher has a unique book mark which is the logo of the school itself.  The student who collects maximum book 

marks will get a surprise gift which in turn is a motivating booster.  define the various possibilities as to why children get book marks , list as many as possible.  

Student of the Month

In front of every studio three boards are displayed where in month of the student is declared with photographs. Class – teacher will announce the criteria for the choice in the beginning of the month and at the end, name is announced and photograph is displayed. So that student gets appreciation and motivation for his / her sincere and dedicated work give few examples of the criteria

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