Primary School

PLEASURE the PRESSURE and  Challenge the Challenges……

Do you want to boost up the ladder of knowledge? Are you thinking out of the box?

You have nailed it! At Achieve School of Education, Instruction does much, but encouragement everything!


We cover the full range of instructional classes with Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation (CCE) and take the child beyond those constraints to explore and experience the world they live in. We aim to create opportunities that engage children and help them to become active participants here.

Apart from the mandatory subjects English, Kannada, Hindi, Math, EVS/Science, Social Studies they also play with colours and numbers which are Art and Grolier respectively. The little ones have ETL-Educational Technologies Limited and Phonetics software which are the best ways to teach English .With a strong focus on getting the basic skills right in Primary School it has been deliberately included various activities like Anveshana class ,  storytelling, tab activity, water games, creative games with pre primary equipment, community service, guest lectures, clay activity, puppets, studio visits. Also, students are trained for various competitive exams. All the above concepts are squeezed into the minds of the children so that ‘Real Learning’ happens. This is to ensure to make the kids the most creative and the best educated young people .They should become ‘envy of the world’.

The Primary schooling has its own space for self expression of the learners.

As children move from preschool to primary school, many are able to easily navigate the change.  Shifting to primary school not only involves the child, but requires the whole family to make adjustments and adapt to change.

The Primary school curriculum guide focuses mainly on the teaching of different subjects.

At Achieve school of Education, we work towards a common vision-

1. for the child, as co-constructer of knowledge, identity and culture.

2. for the pedagogical practice.

This expression is perceived to have long term effects on the learners future development and learning, extending through all subsequent levels of education.

Successful transition, continuity and progression are key elements in school success.

learning math through
hands on experience
Engage in traditional games and fun

ENGLISH LANGUAGE-   fall in Love with it !!!

We know that communication has a very keen role in any field. The importance of English Language has been globally accepted. English Language will unite people. It will open the door of new cultures and empowers people from around the world. The Internet also plays an important role in promoting English as the standard language.

 Achieve School of Education believes in conceptual learning in a thinking classroom – extending a culture of learning through visible thinking. I am fortunate enough for being the English teacher for primary level at ASE., one essential way of evaluating how effective the conceptual teaching is to look at how learners transfer their understanding across subject and their learning becomes part of everyday, real life interactions in thinking, problem solving and action. Conceptual learning makes children’s connections visible and a part of discussion for other learners.

The Frame work of the curriculum is initiation, methodology, concept(s) learning objective, activity, learning outcome. We use the essential resources as teaching aids for the learner to understand the concept effectively.

To quote a simple example-The unit is : In the Children’s Park …The children are taken to the park and the teacher takes the concept forward…

Shopping is the name of the lesson. Role –Play begins. Shopping Corner is created with all the fruit, vegetables, stationery things.. The students as customers go with play money to the shopping corner and approach the students who are shop-keepers. More than their bargaining, The teacher is interested in knowing their subtle behaviour, usage of English Language and also observe their conversation and correct them if needed.

We shape the learners in the various levels and areas.

Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment are conducted for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. The various activities conducted for learning through assessment or vice versa are - Public Speaking, Power Point Presentation, Debate, Role-Play, Group Discussion, Reading Aloud, Listening, Vocabulary, Writing, ( biography and autobiography) Comprehension HOTS (high order thinking skill) Speech, Letter/E-Mail writing, Project/ Poster making. These help the learner to understand the content as well as improve the communication skill and the memory power. Certain guidelines and Rubrics are followed. A rubric is an authentic assessment tool used to measure a student’s work. It is used in formative assessment and makes the teaching-learning process more interesting and effective at the same time. It helps teachers to evaluate a student’s performance based on a complete range of criteria rather than a single score got from the Written Examination. They are learner-centred activities and help students of varied intellectual capacity.

We the teachers at ASE are free to take up the concept which is not in their texts!

Hanukkah a Jewish festival which is also similar to our festival of lights Diwali is to be mentioned here.

This concept not only covered all the subjects which the learner enjoyed but also understood the culture of a different country by live experiences!

Hanukkah – Facts -Speaking ----English language

                     History----- social studies

                     David star counting---math

                     Finger prints ---- art

                     Dreidel song and dance ---music and dance

                     Cooking pancakes (Hanukkah special dish )--- science

For all the above, English Language leads and this is the strongest connector.

Thus, the only aim is to make to make the learner Fall in Love with MY language  – ENGLISH LANGUAGE

Enhance English @ ASE


At ASE we embrace accessories that create a window of opportunities to the children. Enhance English is one such exclusive programme introduced for the students this year. This is chiefly to ensure better baseline of English in every student. This is to improve the vocabulary of the learners of grades 1 to 4 and  this is basically done by introducing novels for grades 5 to 10.


They are encouraged to read the book. As the quote says ‘today a reader, tomorrow a leader’. 

 Students read the novel and converse about it.  This will create many ways to improve their vocabulary.  


Activities are conducted based on the novel, to pin down the students to the topic in a fun way. This creates learning of new words that enables them to expand their vocabulary and strengthen their use of the English language. 

Students gain confidence in their communication skills.


As a part of the curriculum they watch videos and answer questions based on it. This is to ensure their concentration and cognisance. They are given topics for impromptu speech where they display the new words they have learnt.

Activities based on the novel

Diary of Anne Frank – bookmarks made by the students - based on the novel


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Puppets made by the students - based on the characters in the novel


20000 leagues under the sea –bookmarks made by the students - based on the novel


Environmental Studies -  EVS                                     

The surroundings is what the child observes ever since it develops its senses.  Whatever it sees and observes which is available in nature – like the plants, animals, climate, air, water, light, soil  and so on, all constitute the environment.

A systematic study of this environment is very important for the overall development of the child.  Under EVS students learn about the basic topics like – health and hygiene, food for energy,  family and friends,  water for life, plants and animals, seasons, air,  forest resources etc.  EVS not only creates awareness about the environment but also teaches the importance of its conservation.

The traditional system of teaching EVS is at bay at Achieve school of Education, as kids enjoy learning with   practical approach to concepts and its implementation.  It may be pointed out that children learn best when they,  try their hands on it. We proudly state that our little scientists learn with this approach.

Yoga for achievers A blend of old wisdom and modern technology

A few salient features of our EVS class-room are –

# Activity method - Learn through play,  group discussion, role-play, Mimio, Grolier, enacting, quiz, model making, craft work, origami, puppetry etc.,  are adopted to help students learn better and arouse interest in the subject.

# Individual attention  -  It is ensured that enough attention is given to the students at every step of their learning process.  Guidance and support is promptly provided to students who take special interest in any particular topic.


# Technology  -  Audio-visual aids and other latest technology available is used to the utmost for enhancing  information. Educational and motivational videos are a vital part of our class-room teaching. 

#  Live samples – Some alive samples like the tadpoles or caterpillars are put-up for  study of  life-cycle at a closer proximity. The developments are recorded and data is accumulated by the students with best possible involvement. 

#  Project  work – Project work is that hearty work which kids execute with lot of curiosity. Students learn to systematically organise their thoughts in a presentable manner.

# Studio visits / field trips – Students are taken to different places where they get an opportunity to learn various aspects.  For an example -  Bengaluru being the Garden City is a blessing for students to explore the rich flora and fauna.  Students are taken to parks to learn about the diverse life of plants and animals. Classes are  conducted in the open space like in the ancient gurukula style.  This has been one of the favourites classes for our students.

# Demonstrations of models -  Demonstrations encourage students to establish the power of gaining knowledge through observation and analysis. Through this method we are able to bring clarity in teaching abstract top



“God has written this universe in the language Mathematics”

In the same way in Achieve School of Education, mathematics is taught with lots of fun. Mathematics is the subject where weight age is given to conceptual teaching rather than rote method. For each concept, suitable activity is designed so that the meaning and concept is understood by the participation of  the students.

   The teacher displays all the charts and models in the studio which become an introductory material to the juniors and a revision material for the senior students. The school has many learning aids which will help in learning for the students  and teaching aids for the teachers. Students are always encouraged to work in group so that peer group learning happens which is more effective.

Mathematics is taught with real life experience. To fulfill that teacher arranges field trip on marketing, shopping to teach money, discount, percentage etc.   The teacher feels that mathematics is fun to teach and students will enjoy learning.  The teacher tries to design the activity based on the 5Es such as Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate. In this way, we can expect holistic development of a child in Mathematics.


Kannada and Hindi are the second and third languages respectively for the children of the primary classes. To start with strokes and types of lines are used. Writing practice is given simultaneously.


To make the class more interesting, poems and stories are told to the children. These are referred from the books of our school library.

Lessons/concepts are taught through activities, suitable PPTs and videos are shown for the students to understand the concepts in an effective manner. Also, group discussions, interaction between the teacher and the students, role-plays, projects are some of the methods of teaching.

WOW!  An EVS lesson in a park Being in right place at right time


Education in arts is an integral part of the development of each human being.

Evidence from brain research is only one of many reasons education and engagement in Fine Arts is beneficial to the education process.

The learners here have art classes for the primary level – grades 1 to 5. Arts also help in making projects, models, CCE activities which plays the major part of the curriculum.

Developmental benefits of Art-

  • Motor skills

  • Language Development

  • Decision Making

  • Visual Learning

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Improvement in Academic Performance

The fine arts also provides learners with non-academic benefits such as

  • Promoting self-esteem

  • Aesthetic Awareness,

  • Cultural Exposure

  • Social Harmony

  • Appreciation of Diversity


Grolier is an activity based learning kit for students aged from 3 years to 15 years. It contains different levels depending on the age group. This activity helps students to improve their hand eye coordination.

  1. Fun thinkers: This set of Grolier cards is for preschool kids. Here, they need to identify colours, shapes, different kind of things like fruits, food and surrounding materials. It includes English language, mathematical concepts like counting numbers, grouping things and soon. With the help of personal attention, kids will be to solve these cards easily and interesting too.

  2. Logico primo: These cards can be used for 5 to 7 years students. This set of cards contains information about traffics, our surroundings, and interaction between people, perception and concentration, look and speak, basic mathematics like addition and subtraction and so on. With the help of fun thinkers cards this can be learnt easily.


  1. Logico piccolo: These cards can be used for 8 to 12 year students. It contains mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with the help of attractive pictures. Also, it includes of English language, about family, town, at school with the help of different set of cards. The cards will be displayed through projectors on the board. Students will be allowed to solve each card with time limit. It will be fun for kids, if the cards are done on the basis of time limit as a competition.



  1. Logico piccolo series 2:  These sets of cards are framed for 12 to 15 years students. It contains all higher level mathematical concepts like fractions, decimals, angles, triangle classifications, quadrilaterals and different geometrical concepts. It also includes English grammar which helps them in academics too. Here for this level, each child is going to get different card on the basis of his IQ level and can be assessed easily. It improves the competitive spirit of students.


Some of the cards which is used in Grolier class for different levels:



Mimio: A brand new interactive tool, a boon to educators and suitable for all kinds of assessment. In our school our Mimio class room includes two kinds of products from mimio  i.e mimio vote and mimio view which is being used extensively from the past 3 years.

Mimio vote

Mimio vote comprises of the voting pad which has some glowing buttons on it. The question which is projected on the board has choices, and the student chooses the right choice by pressing that particular button. A very smart technology which saves you time and effort.


MIMIO VIEW: is fully integrated with Mimio Studio software and the Mimio Teach system, making it easier than ever to capture images and present them in your lessons.

The advantages of mimio view are:  It can capture both dimensional objects and flat documents. Zoom in close on your subjects and capture images. The same images can be projected on the board and can be explained well. This can be well used for science experiments and dissections.


Physical Education helps the students to learn about how it helps and contributes to total growth and development in youth. At ASE, It is taken at all levels to encourage psychomotor learning in a play or movement exploration. Physical education teachers help children develop physical abilities and healthy habits that can last for the rest of their lives.

At ASE, The main objectives of physical education are to help individuals become physically fit, develop character, learn skills and become knowledgeable about sport.

Every academic year, the first two weeks of the physical education period will be about discovering the hidden talent of the students by exposing to different kinds of sports. The students above grade 5 will have a choice of playing any sport they like. Primary children are left to play either indoor or outdoor games accordingly.   After discovering their talent, we make them practice for different interschool tournaments. The students not only participate but we even make sure to keep our school flag high by winning.

Our school even conducts inter house tournaments according to their ages. We encourage them by felicitating certificates to the winners.

After the school hours, we also have coaching classes for sports like throw ball, volleyball and table tennis. Once in a year, we take the students to camp site and conduct all kinds of sports at the camp for three days which enables them to get more exposure towards sports.

Excitement during buzzer round

Pre primary is equipped with various kits which  are used by primary school teachers too. They are mainly used for initialisation  of a concept or to reinforce a concept, and for conducting CCE activities.

Some equipment like Geometrical shapes and 3d solids provide a better understanding of the Geometrical concepts. The children can touch and feel them as they are real.

The number tokens, beads fishing equipment effectively help the children in understanding the concept of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

There are many more such equipment which enhance conceptual learning and cognitive skills in children.

Projector based training

Projectors at Achieve help that teachers and students in understanding a concept in all aspects. A teacher may project a topic while initialising a concept or after the concept has been taught, which invokes a thought process in the child's mind and this not only helps the child understand the concept but analyse it while the concept is being taught. This leads to synthesising the concept and the child comfortably finds use for the concept in daily life.

All studios are equipped with projectors at Achieve.

The teacher projects a video or presentation based on the concept.

Most of the videos are either downloaded from the Internet or are videos of activities conducted on our school.

The presentations are either prepared by the teacher or are prepared by the students as activities, which are then discussed and evaluated.

Projector  based teaching brings about a win situation between the students and the teachers as new ideas are invoked in the students mind and the teacher has more opportunity to broaden the perspective of the concept.



Stories create an experience for the students- an experience that is intense, helps to make emotional connect, inspires them and changes them. 

Stories in a playful manner improves attentiveness, increases vocabulary, enhances expression and reinforces values. 

Stories are selected such that the above become the focus for the storyteller. Students are allowed to imbibe at the level and pace they can, and also learn from team and group work. 


Storytelling sessions provide a non- threatening environment to transform the listeners.


They create an experience that transforms listeners reinforce the values When you tell a story, you create an experience for your listeners. intense, personal connection inspire change

Stories create an experience for the students- an experience that is intense, helps to make emotional connect, inspires them and changes them. 

Stories  in a playful manner improves attentiveness, increases vocabulary, enhances expression and reinforces values. 

Stories are selected such that the above become the focus.

Students are allowed to imbibe at the level and pace they can, and also learn from team and group work. 


Oscar Wilde an Irish playwright has rightly said- “The theatre is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, it is also the return of art of life.”

At Achieve here, acting classes provide a wide range of benefits that can help your child thrive in life by giving them confidence in both social situations and the classroom and everything in between.

If your child tends to be shy in social situations, you may be worried about how he will make a name for himself that is focused on the most vocal people. While being shy is a perfectly acceptable character trait, encouraging your child to try something new that challenges him to go outside of his comfort zone can build confidence.

Here are some ways that acting/ theater classes at ASE can benefit your child

  • Fostering creativity and personal imagination

  • Giving reason a reason to be Proud

  • Transferable Skills

  • Improved Academic Performance

Children who are taught how to improvise while taking acting classes are honing their critical thinking skills and learning how to perform their best when they are under pressure. Theater classes will give the child the freedom that he needs to express himself in a safe environment.

Children who thrive in acting classes are able to feel proud of their accomplishment, and this pride leads to greater confidence in other aspects of life.