The Studio School is a new concept in education, which caters to fill the wide gap between the skills and knowledge that young minds require to succeed.

Honestly, Achieve School of Education is proud to pioneer a bold new approach to learning which includes teaching through enterprising projects, activities and real work.

“Achieve School of Education” A studio School with a difference to create free thinkers.


Achieve School of Education is a co- educational day school. It includes grade 1 to 10.The number of pupils in each studio does not exceed 34. Here each studio is unique. Seating, aesthetics and presentation of each classroom is based on the subject that would be taught in that particular studio. Gone are those days when students would sit in the same classroom all day, whole year, with teachers visiting to teach their subjects. In a studio school, children after completing their Mathematics class in their math studio will simply move to a different studio for attending the class of the next subject. So in this case, teachers remain in their own respective studios. Teachers own the studios; it’s the students who keep moving to different studios after every period of their classes. There is a different ambience, in fact a different world all together for the students to learn. The studios are designed and created after careful consultation with teachers, parents and other experts.