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Discover Achieve School: A+ Authors, Games Treat Extravaganza, A+ Leaders Summit, Aqua Sports Adventure

Our Signature Programs

Make us Unique!


A+ Authors

Learning to author a book while still in high school is no easy feat. Some of our students have even become published authors, selling their books and making money before they graduate from school


Games Treat

The games street is an event at Achieve school which houses more than 200 interactive and challenging games for children and adults. Each game has been carefully designed so that it uses both body AND mind in order to stimulate the player, opposed to sitting and playing online games all day.


A+ Leaders

If you want to be a leader, it takes more than just one skill set. You need the right knowledge and coaching from experts to become effective on both an individual level as well as within groups of people! That's why our exclusive Leadership Academy exists - so that students can learn these life-changing lessons through seminars led by personalities who've mastered them already and also with live games where they get hands down experience applying what has been learned. All leading inevitably towards creating innovators capable not only changing themselves but also for others around


Aqua Sports

Not many children get to have their sports day in the water. But you know what? We've got a whole event just for that! With more than 30 different games and all played in the water, our signature "Aqua sports day" is the most awaited 
Do you know the most challenging part of this event? 
Getting children out of the water

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